Once Upon A Potty Plush Doll Set With Mini-Potty - Girl

Once Upon A Potty Plush Doll Set With Mini-Potty - Girl

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  • Encourages potty readiness and responsibility, while providing great play value

  • Gently anatomically correct, with removable diaper and exclusive Once Upon A Potty label

  • Efficient card and polybag pak, with plastic mini potty seat included

  • Doll is surface washable and the set is also available in boy version

  • Material is polyester and plastic

  • Color : Girl

  • Size : Girl

Soft, cute doll sets coming directly from the classic, bestselling Once Upon a Potty books and videos. Your child will instantly recognize Joshua for his sweet face, curly hair, and other nice and useful parts . This doll provides great play value, before, during and long after toilet learning. Each doll comes complete with its own mini plastic potty, with a Once Upon a Potty label. Alongside Child Matters' full size potty or while reading the book, this set makes potty learning fun, relaxed, and easy. Doll set is available in both BOY and GIRL versions. Actual potty gift boxes, books and DVD's are also available separately.

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