Baby Annabell 18 Doll, Version 9

Baby Annabell 18 Doll, Version 9

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Arrives in 3-7 Business Days

  • 46 cm Function Doll

  • Realistic baby-like features, functions and movements

  • Drinks real water

  • Cries real tears

  • New rock to sleep function!

  • Color : Pink

  • Size : Medium

Welcome to the world, little princess! We have been yearning for you for soooo long. Do YOU want to be the first to take Baby Annabell in your arms? Once you have held her to your heart, you will never want to let this delicate creature go. She is still very young, so she needs plenty of sleep: rock Baby Annabell in your arms and you will really be able to see her closing her little eyes and fall asleep! When they wake up, it's time for something to eat. When you give your little darling her small bottle, she will move her mouth and eyes as she sucks - just like a real baby! If you stroke Baby Annabell's cheek or gently pat her back, the apple of your eye will move around to show you how much she likes it. And what if she cries? Don't worry. With the dummy included and your excellent care, she will be happy again in no time and you can plan a visit to the grandparents or to your friends. Baby Annabell allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy.

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