100 2X2 Cardboard Coin Holders Small Dollars By Bcw

100 2X2 Cardboard Coin Holders Small Dollars By Bcw

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  • Cardboard holders are the most common holders used for coin storage and display

  • They are made of high quality cardboard and offer great long term protection for your coins

  • You fold them over with the coin in the window and staple the holder around the outside

  • Unlike many cardboard holders, ours are virtually dust free

  • Each order is for 100 holders

A favorite with coin collectors, cardboard coin holders offer an easy solution for protecting and organizing your coins. Choose from 1 1/2 mini, 2x2, 2 1/2 inch crown size, elongated or 3 hole with a variety of opening sizes for all denominations of coins. Simple to use, fold and staple design. The tough Mylar window makes cardboard holders archival safe, plus they are easy to store in coin storage boxes or notebook pocket pages.

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