#1186 Rare Chenile Kitten Tail 15 Seeds

#1186 Rare Chenile Kitten Tail 15 Seeds

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  • This marvelous native of Cuba has long been prized for containers and hanging baskets, but no one ever tried it for winter hardiness. Imagine our surprise when it survived 0 degrees F.

  • SHOWY-Acalypha pendula has been one of our favorite summer flowering perennials.

  • The 8 tall x 2' wide clumps of small, fuzzy green leaves are adorned all summer with 5-7 long, trailing, fuzzy red cattails.

  • Fluffy masses of bright red flower spikes periodically during all year !

  • Adaptable As Houseplant Heat Tolerant Duration: Annual Uses Notes: Use in containers, window boxes and hanging baskets Culture: Part Sun to Light Shade

*NEW*RARE* CHENILE KITTEN TAIL *15 SEEDS* Chenille Plant (Acalypha hispidia), also called Foxtails and Red-hot Cat's Tail, is actually a shrub in its native habitat - the Pacific islands. Grown as a houseplant for its unusual six-inch long red tassels of chenille-like flowers, the mature plant has leaves similar to Poinsettia. Fact is, they're related (both are in the family: Euphorbiaceae). They are easy plants to grow, especially when provided the right conditions.Started in early spring, Acalyphas can easily top seven-feet by autumn and will be a large, bushy shrub. Yearly pruning will be necessary to maintain a more manageable three- to four-foot height.

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