12 Color Set Uv Black Light .5Oz (6Oz), Neon Rave Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

12 Color Set Uv Black Light .5Oz (6Oz), Neon Rave Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

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  • Acrylic Neon Fluorescent Water Based Craft Paint

  • 12 x .5oz (6oz total), Long Shelf Life, Thin with water.

  • Fluoresces under UV Black light. Used for POSTERS, ART WORK, AIRBRUSHING


  • Non Toxic, Safe, Dries Hard and Glossy, Waterproof when dry.

  • Color : Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Salmon Pink, White, Tangerine, Hot Pink, Baby Pink, Salmon Pink, Purple, Magenta

  • Size : 1/2oz

These are neon Fluorescent Acrylic Paints supplied in TWELVE .5oz jars. This paint is designed to fluoresce back under Black Light ONLY. (This paint is NOT Glow in the Dark). 12 color Set in: Red, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Hot Pink, Chartreuse, White, Magenta, & Blue. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ITEMS ARE NOT GLOW IN THE DARK- THEY ARE UV FLUORESCENT ONLY. ALSO NOTE: as is common RED generally fluoresces an orange-red color (SEE PICTURES). Black Light paint is produced using specialist acrylic medium designed especially to magnify the fluorescence. Using high quality UV Black light pigments our range of acrylic paint is ideal for Artwork, Posters even Nail Art and Crafting. Great for Stage sets and Theatrical backdrops. This paint range will dry a GLOSS finish, to subdue this paint add small amounts of water to semi gloss and even Matt finish.These paints are Non-Toxic and Harmless when dry, and classed as water resistant when used with a similar substrate........AIRBRUSHING: To airbrush you will need to thin down the paint using our Airbrush medium. Mix mediums well to make sure that the paint is evenly dispersed..........Nail Art: Use these paints as is for acrylic false nail effects. No need to UV cure as the paint dries smooth and quickly..........SUPPORT: If you have issues with your paint or have not used UV Black light paints before you can always contact us for questions or support..........USAGE: Each 1oz of acrylic Neon Fluorescent paint will fill approximately 1/2 a standard 8x11 sheet of paper..........WARNING: Please note this is an acrylic based paint, it is difficult to remove when dry, do not use as body paint or makeup, if spillage, use warm water and soap immediately, will NOT remove it all but most of it. ALL PHOTOS/IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF GLOMANIA & PROGLOW USA

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