2 Lotion Applicators With 6 Replacement Pads

2 Lotion Applicators With 6 Replacement Pads

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  • Easily Apply Moisture Lotions, Medications, Sun Tan Oil & Creams

  • Includes 2 Lotion Applicators and 6 Polyurethane Foam Replacment Pads

  • Ergonomic Design for Hard to Reach Back, Legs, Ankles & Feet

  • 13.5 Long Angled Wand with 2 5/8 Long x 2 Wide Foam Pad

  • Made in USA from Environmentally Friendly Recycled Plastic

  • Color : White

The Lotion Applicator is ergonomically designed to help you apply moisturizing lotions, suntan oils, medications and sport creams on hard to reach places with ease. The wand is 13.5 long and made in USA from recycled plastic. The self adhesive polyurethane pad measures 2 5/16 x 2 and is easily replaced. The ribbed handle uses a minimum of plastic, with a light weight feel while giving a maximum of grasp. And leverage from the thumb button and shaft angled in 2 spots allows you to apply pressure when smearing on lotions. The convex pad shape makes it easy to contact your skin while applying lotions behind your back. The long wand helps those with limited mobility to reach their legs, ankles and feet. Comes with 1 pad attached and 6 replacement pads.

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