25 Bite Out Quarter Replacement Rubberbands

25 Bite Out Quarter Replacement Rubberbands

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  • Works with almost all quarters

  • Manufacturer's Guarantee Only When Purchased from an Authorized Rock Ridge MagicTM Reseller

  • Color : Clear

  • Size : Large

25 Bite Out Quarter Replacement Rubberbands - Most quarters on a bite out or folding quarter last 6 months to a year. Want to be sure that your quarter doesn't break in the middle of your act? Replace your rubber band regularly. You might even consider using two at a time. Rock Ridge Magic is a trademark of Rock Ridge Sales, Inc. With respect to sales on Amazon.com, we will provide a manufacturer's warranty only for products purchased from a reseller who we have confirmed as providing genuine, new and authentic Rock Ridge MagicTM brand products. Currently, Rock Ridge Sales is the only reseller that we have so confirmed and authorized, and the only resellers for which the manufacturer's warranty applies.

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