30 Piece Stack 'N Build Abc Wooden Blocks Set

30 Piece Stack 'N Build Abc Wooden Blocks Set

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  • 30 brilliant ABC wooden blocks feature letters, numerals, animals

  • Each block measures 1.25 Cube

  • Made of real wood

  • Children love to line up, stack up and knock down the blocks - and they're also a great learning tool

  • For Ages 2 and up

  • Color : Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Natural Wood

Handling and stacking alphabet blocks offers valuable experimentation opportunities for little hands and minds! Motor skills develop naturally as toddlers transfer alphabet blocks from hand to hand, succeed in balancing one letter block on top of another, then 3 blocks, then 4 - then a tower that topples, unexpected joy! This awesome 30 pc wooden ABC Block Set makes childhood magical. Each 1.25 cube features letters, numbers, and symbols painted in bright colors on each face. This classic set is a great learning tool, helping kids not only learn letters and numbers, but spacial awareness and coordination too. Give your child the gift of knowledge, or at least its building blocks Pick up your ABC Block Set today recommended for ages 2+

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