3000 Crimson Clover (Carnation, French, Or Italian Clover) Trifolium Incarnatum Flower Seeds

3000 Crimson Clover (Carnation, French, Or Italian Clover) Trifolium Incarnatum Flower Seeds

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  • Flowering crimson clover is as cute as it is functional

  • Produces small, deep red long blooms atop fern-like foliage

  • Helps loosen soil, boost its nitrogen levels and helps prevent soil erosion

  • Popular forage plant for cattle, horses and wildlife

  • Grows well in heavier, well-drained soils - avoid dry and sandy soils

  • Color : Red

  • Size : 3000 Seeds

So many good uses for this winter annual legume. Beautiful and useful! This hardy annual is a great nitrogen fixer. Crimson clover needs fairly well-drained soil that is not too acid and has good phosphorous levels. If overwintered, it will be 45cm (18) tall, with crimson flowers the next June. Use 15 to 20 lbs per acre; (open pollinated seeds). With its rapid, robust growth, crimson clover provides early spring nitrogen for full-season crops. Rapid fall growth, or summer growth in cool areas, also makes it a top choice for short-rotation niches as a weed suppressing green manure. Popular as a staple forage and roadside cover crop throughout the southeast, crimson clover is gaining increased recognition as a versatile summer-annual cover in colder regions. Its spectacular beauty when flowering keeps it visible even in a mix with other flowering legumes, a common use in California nut groves and orchards. In Michigan, it is used successfully between rows of blueberries. Crimson Clover is fragrant and attracts bees, birds, and butterflies. It is non-invasive. It is also a great crop for cattle, other livestock, and deer. BLOOM TIME: Summer. HARDINESS ZONE: Annual (but reseeds itself easily, so it acts like a perennial in all zones). LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun . . . SOIL / WATER: Average.

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