4 Bottles Of Neu Becalm'D

4 Bottles Of Neu Becalm'D

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  • increases mental focus

  • decreases stress

  • improves mood & lifts depression

  • improves sleep

  • limits anxiety

NeuBecalm'dTM was developed through research at the University of Texas Health Science Center and the work of several scientists at NeuroGenesis. Since 1984 four US patents have been awarded. It is the ONLY product of its kind granted use of selected neurotransmitter enhancing ingredients providing nutritional support that: --increases mental focus --decreases stress --improves mood --limits fatigue --limits anxiety --improves sleep NeuBecalm'dTM Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 1. Are the ingredients in NeuBecalm'dTM all natural? All vitamin and mineral cofactors are natural and are USP pharmaceutical grade. The Food & Drug Administration and the United States Pharmacopia (USP) require amino acids to be 99% pure. Our amino acids are 99.9% pure, therefore, exceeding FDA/USP standards, and are derived from plant sources. The capsules are made from an animal extract. 2. Does NeuBecalm'dTM tranquilize or sedate? NO, beCALM'dTM helps balance neurotransmitters and reduce the impact of adrenalin. A reduction in adrenalin output and impact is sensed as a calmed state. 3. Should I continue taking multivitamins? Yes, NeuBecalm'dTM is not intended to take the place of a multivitamin supplement. However you may want to take them at different times. 4. Can NeuBecalm'dTM be taken with other medications? Information derived from studies and reviews by physicians who actively use nutritional supplements in their practice tell us that the incidence of problems with medications and supplements is extremely low. In the case of the ingredients in NeuBecalm'dTM, the precautions noted are: Do not take with MAOI medications Do not take with antipsychotic medications

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