5 Lb Popping Sorghum Grain

5 Lb Popping Sorghum Grain

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  • All Natural and Non - GMO.

  • Certified Gluten-Free By GFCO .

  • Corn Free and Made in Nut-Free Facility

  • Vegan

  • Grown in The USA

  • Size : 5LB , 80oz , 2.27kg

Mini Pops - White sorghum grain is non-genetically modified, sourced directly from certified growers in the USA. It has been cleaned of extraneous material to 99.5% purity and is guaranteed to contain less than 10 ppm gluten by certified lab . This Food Grade Sorghum can be consumed whole as an addition to soup,salads, or as a substitute for rice or pasta in any dish. Each individual sorghum grain has a tiny pocket of water in its center. When the grain is exposed to high heat, that water inside heats up and expands causing the grain to Explode! And voil - Mini Pops are born. This just so happens to be how popcorn is made too. Mini Pops can be flavored just like popcorn, and you'll see that it has great nutritional benefits as well. It's a delicious, crunchy snack that can be enjoyed anywhere. Popping Sorghum Grain vs. Popcorn ; - More Protein - Higher in Calcium - Higher in Fiber - Higher in Iron - Lower Saturated Fat - Fewer Calories Mini Pops Popping Sorghum can be popped in all the same ways you can pop corn: 1) In a stovetop pot with some oil of your choice 2) In a stovetop pot without oil - Yup, that works! Just be careful of burning! 3) In a Hot-Air Popper/Blower (Make sure you run the popper to get it super hot before adding grains) 4) In the Microwave - Thats works too! Just place some grains in a paper bag and lay flat in the Microwave. You can add salt, seasoning, butter, Anything! * Just always obey the 'Popping Sorghum Rule of Thumb': The more sorghum you try to pop at a time, the less will pop! Sorghum grain likes its 'personal space' when popping. So make sure you don't pour too much into a small space at a time. You'll have a much higher popping yield if you pop smaller quantities at a time. And unlike corn, the grains that don't pop (there will be some) don't break your teeth ! They're crunchy and yummy! So give it a try!

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