6Pcs Japanese Iwako Erasers-Pigs

6Pcs Japanese Iwako Erasers-Pigs

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  • Iwako Japanese erasers

  • Includes six pigs in six different colors!

  • Super cute erasers are made with recyclable non-PVC material, lead and phthalate free

  • Can be taken apart and reassembled like a puzzle

  • Made in Japan

6 Cute Pig Iwako Japanese Erasers that can be taken apart and put back together. Iwako has been making erasers in Japan for over 40 years. Each eraser is designed and its mold made by skilled craftsmen. Every Iwako eraser is hand finished and assembled in Iwako's factory in Japan. Excess material from the molding process is recycled to make more erasers. Ages: 3 yrs+

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