7 Beyblade Ripcords, Sawtooth Style, 10 1/2 Long - Green

7 Beyblade Ripcords, Sawtooth Style, 10 1/2 Long - Green

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  • Replacement ripcords (ripper, winder, pull string, pull wire); 3/16 wide, 10 1/2 long.

  • Designed for Original Metal Fight launchers, SAWTOOTH design.

  • Please read product description below to avoid the disappointment of ordering an incorrect ripcord.

  • Does not work in most BURST launchers.

  • This ripcord has a sawtooth design. If you need a flat/wide design please order 7 Beyblade ripcords, 8 1/2 long, FLAT DESIGN for Burst Beyblade launchers.

SELECTING THE PROPER RIPCORD FOR YOUR BEYBLADES (If you are uncertain please ask a question before ordering). Selecting ripcords for Beyblades is similar to purchasing car tires. One size DOES NOT fit all. There are two sizes; Short/Wide/Flat and Long/Narrow/Sawtoothed. The BURST Beyblades (named Burst because they burst apart during the fight) ripcords are Short/Wide/Flat/ 8 long. The other ripcord style (Long/Narrow/Sawtoothed) are 10 1/2 long and fit the following Beyblade launchers: Metal Fight, Zero G/Shogun Steel System, 4D System, Hybrid Wheel System (HWS), Beyblade Metal System, and Hard/Heavy Metal System (HMS). If your Beyblades were purchased before 2015 the Long/Narrow/Sawtoothed ripcord is for you. If your system was purchased in 2015 to the present then you will need to compare your current ripcords with the pictures on Amazon of the two ripcord types. To complicate things Hasbro has manufactured a popular Burst launcher, the Beyblade Burst Supergrip Launcher . Although the launcher is made for Burst Beyblades it uses the Long/Narrow/Sawtoothed ripcord. If you have ordered the incorrect style return the UNOPENED package and order the other style.

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