Breyer Ella Horse Color Change Surprise Bath Toy

Breyer Ella Horse Color Change Surprise Bath Toy

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  • Breyer Pony Gals will delight the littlest horse lovers with fun, realistic interactive features!

  • Brushable mane and tail and spots on body change color when wet.

  • Includes 8 Color Surprise Ella Appaloosa horse, terry cloth bathrobe, atomizer spray bottle, and brush.

  • Changes color in water

  • Includes grooming brush

  • Includes terrycloth robe

  • Color : Multi-colored

  • Size : 7.5 x 8

Hair and Spots Change Color with Water! Surprise! When you put her in water, Ellas purple markings turn pink and her mane and tail turn bright blue! As she dries, her markings, mane and tail turn back to their original colors. A Great Bath Time Toy Bath time is more fun with Breyers Ella Color Surprise Bath Toy! Ella gets clean alongside any little horse lover, making bath time fun! What Makes Ella So Special? Ella understands the importance of staying true to herself, so while she is full of energy and enjoys playing on her soccer team, she loves to pamper herself after a big game. A bath is the perfect way to relax and reveal her true colors!

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