Ducks For Carnival Games-

Ducks For Carnival Games-

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Arrives in 3-7 Business Days

  • you will receive 24 plastic ducks

  • These are weighted for duck pond party

  • They come in 3 colors - Fun for young and old.

  • Great for any Birthday party or Holiday, just change up the prizes.

  • Size : pink, blue, yellow

HOW TO SET UP A DUCK POND. Step 1 You Need a small wading pool or one of those Jumbo party buckets that people use for soda or beer. Step 2: Purchase at least a few dozen plastic bath toy ducks. They must be heavier on the bottom than the top. Step 3:: Decide on a prize scale and mark the ducks accordingly. Most carnival games for kids pay out a prize to every player. This approach isn't cost effective unless you create a limit to the big prizes. Pick how many prizes are available, and in what sizes. Color code the ducks to match by marking each one clearly on the bottom with a permanent marker. For example, all ducks marked with a blue circle win small prizes, 25 red coded ducks win medium prizes, and 10 green coded ducks win large prizes. Or you can use stickers or just mark only a few of the ducks Step 4: Fill the makeshift Duck Pond with water and place all the ducks inside. Stir the water to mix up the color coded ducks, and you're ready for your first player. This game is great for young or old. and can be use any time of year.. For the indoor party float them in the real tub. I doubt anyone is taking a bath during a party. I Note: Toss 'small' toy winners back into the Duck Pond after the winner receives a prize. Remove 'big' toy winners from game play. Using this method, you can't run out of 'big' prizes by mistake.

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