Ernest Balancing Bear By Schylling

Ernest Balancing Bear By Schylling

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  • Players match riddles with pictures, interlocking pairs ensure only the correct matches are possible

  • Riddles and photographs from the popular I Spy book series

  • Contains 12 interlocking I Spy Puzzle pairsand I Spy Preschool game rules

  • 3 ways to play: versions are included for beginning and advanced players

  • Safe for toddlers, no small parts

  • Promotes matching, reading and social skills, also helps them learn to cooperate and follow rules

How'd he do that! Your friends will love to watch Ernest perform his high wire act. Attach the string across a room, lift and lower the string with your hand, and Ernest pedals his unicycle back and forth while balancing on the high wire. Ages 3+.

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