Fat Brain Toys Swingy Thing

Fat Brain Toys Swingy Thing

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  • Thrilling game of spinning flippers and dippers

  • Helps build fine motor skills, improves concentration

  • Features 52 challenges to work through

  • Detailed sheet of tips and challenges included

  • Flippers and dippers made of high quality wood

Get your synapses firing fast with Swingy Thing! Colorful spinning flippers and dippers send you into crazy chaos as 52 exciting challenges get your hands and brain working together. Start out easy with the Earth Blastoff where you spin just one of the dippers. Try out the Venisian Sunrise where you spin one of the dippers plus the big outer flipper. Explode into the Super Nova as you spin all but two of the dippers and then sink into the Black Hole as you spin all but one. Finally, once you make it through all 52 challenges, try to do them all again, but this time with a Slam! That's where you get them flipping but in OPPOSITE directions! Your head will be spinning in circles as your fingers perform pirouettes - And that's just after the first challenge! At rest or in motion, Swingy Thing is always fun no matter where you play. - There's even a metal display stand that keeps it safe, secure, and ready to spin again! Hypnotic, addictive, and challenging for kids and adults alike, you won't be able to stop yourself from spinning into brain-busting excitement with Swingy Thing.

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