How To Host A Murder: The Last Train From Paris

How To Host A Murder: The Last Train From Paris

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  • 8 guest invitations and envelopes, layer name tags, individual player manuals and a host guide with instructions

  • Sheet of secret clues with summary of findings, iagram of the crime scene and optional menu and costume suggestions

  • Also, CD with period music and details of the murder

Invite your guests to a lively evening of murder, mystery and intrigue. The long-running board game How to Host a Murder is back with new twists, turns and sudden stops! The Last Train from Paris, How to Host a Murder for 8 People takes place in June 1940 aboard a train leaving Paris. German troops are about to enter the city. Roads are a hopeless snarl; the trains are full with little space aboard them. Yet, to remain in the city will not be pleasant. Aboard a government train heading for the safety of southern France, a murder is discovered. The passengers (your guests) must decide who committed the crime. Certainly, the elegant refugees and the dramatic circumstances of their flight from Paris will provide the answer to this mystery. Bring the game to life with costumes, props and theatrical flair for a party everybody will be dying to attend!

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