Inside Out Small Figure, Sadness

Inside Out Small Figure, Sadness

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  • Poseable Sadness figure

  • Includes memory sphere wich can be used the The Console (sold separately) and The Headquarters playset (sold separately)

  • Figure lights up when brought near The Console (sold separately)

  • Collect them all!

  • Age Grade: 4 and up

  • Color : multi-colored

Sadness has always been a glass half-empty kind of emotion. It's hard to stay positive when she's seen ice cream scoops fall to the ground for no good reason. Sadness comes with her own memory sphere featuring one of Rileys saddest memories. Place the memory sphere in Angers hand to hold, or put it in the memory sphere holder in The Console (sold separately). The memory sphere can also be used with the Headquarters playset (sold separately) by placing it in the projector and watching the scene on the Consciousness Screen. Sadness also has a very special glow feature - if you bring her near The Console (sold separately), she lights up!

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