Le-Glue - Temporary Glue For Lego, Mega Blocks, Nano Blocks, And More. Great For Kids! Non-Toxic! Made In Usa!

Le-Glue - Temporary Glue For Lego, Mega Blocks, Nano Blocks, And More. Great For Kids! Non-Toxic! Made In Usa!

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  • Keep kids happy with easy to use temporary brick glue - no more messy break-ups! - cleans up easily.

  • The only non-permanent glue designed specifically for brick building. Won't damage bricks, saves replacement costs.

  • Holds bricks 10x stronger - easily dissolves in warm water, leaves no residue.

  • Made in the usa - non-toxic - natural ingredients - bitter taste added for child safety.

  • Design and build like a professional - perfect for competitive brick building or model making.

  • Color : Beige

Do you Build with Bricks and Blocks but hate when they fall apart after all your hard work? If you are a parent you know kids get very upset when they build something and it falls apart before they can play with it for the first time. Using any kind of super glue would simply ruin the bricks costing a lot of money for replacement, or worst case, your kids end up with bricks stuck to their face and fingertips, been there . Le-Glue is a Temporary Glue that allows you to stick your bricks together and stay together so one can actually play with the creations they build. Gone are the days of wheels rolling across the room or stepping on a piece (barefoot of course) causing you to scream in pain. Le-Glue is the solution. Best of all, when you want to be creative again, simply soak the built piece in warm water and they will come apart like new again. Le-Glue is made with all Natural food grade ingredients. It is safe to use and Non-Toxic. It has been laboratory tested and is proven to be 10x stronger than bricks alone. We have added a bitter taste to ensure kids will not eat the paste (safety first). If you are a Professional Brick Builder; Le-Glue allows you to build like never before. As a super strong, yet Temporary Glue, you can build sections of structures, take them down, and rebuild until you get it just right, something impossible until now. A large build can use thousands of pieces and cost a lot of money to create. You can't afford to buy new bricks every time inspiration strikes, but you can get Le-Glue now and let your imagination run free. There is no other product like Le-Glue on the Market. Stop picking up the falling pieces and start making magic happen. We are proud to say, it is 100% Made in The U.S.A.

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