Mega Bloks Halo Police Air Support Hornet

Mega Bloks Halo Police Air Support Hornet

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  • All-new buildable NMPD Police Hornet with twin turbine engines

  • Two new super articulated NMPD Pilot and Trooper micro action figures with black armored battle dress uniform and customizable armor system

  • Weapons: Sniper Rifle and a M6D Pistol

  • Includes 390 pieces

Fight crime and protect the citizens of New Mombasa with the new Police Air Support Hornet by Mega Blokes Halo! This fully buildable New Mombasa Police Department Hornet is a versatile aircraft with twin turbine engines and opening cockpit. Features two new super-articulated micro action figures with customizable armor. The NMPD Pilot and Trooper's dual mission is to safeguard all of their citizens and combat Covenant invaders! Ideal for ages 8 and up!

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