Nasturtium - Climbing Amazon Jewel Seeds

Nasturtium - Climbing Amazon Jewel Seeds

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  • Unusual Variegated Vining Foliage

  • Brilliant Spurred Blossoms in Exotic Shades

  • Pumpkin, Peachy-Rose, Ruby, Gold and Pale Lemon

  • Single Scented Flowers and Lily-Pad Leaves

  • Like a Trailing Jungle of Gemstones

This spellbinding nasturtium offers unusual variegated vining foliage and brilliant spurred blossoms in exotic and unusual shades of pumpkin, painted peachy-rose, ruby, gold and pale lemon. The single scented flowers shine out from among lily-pad shaped leaves splashed with patterns of emerald green and creamy white. The effect is a trailing jungle of gemstones as Amazon Jewel meanders gracefully to cover bare spots, adorn fences or cascade from containers, filling the garden with vibrant color.

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