Pili Nuts, Sprouted, Certified Paleo &Amp; Keto (Himalayan Salt, 14 Oz)

Pili Nuts, Sprouted, Certified Paleo &Amp; Keto (Himalayan Salt, 14 Oz)

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  • The Perfect Nut. High in beneficial fats and super low carb (just 1 g per serving)

  • Great source of Magnesium, Vitamin B-1 and Manganese

  • Certified Paleo, Certified Keto. Wild Harvested & Hand Processed.

  • Raw and Sprouted. Great for on the go, hiking, camping, etc.

  • Pure. No added oils. Delicious and filling.

  • Size : 14 oz

Pili Nuts (pronounced Pee-Lee ) are nature's perfect nut, and especially well suited for low carb and ketogenic diets. They contain the highest amount of beneficial fats (as well as the lowest carbs) of any nut, and are high in Magnesium, Vitamin B-1 and Manganese. They also happen to be incredibly delicious, and the high quality fats will help keep your brain and body well fueled while also keeping hunger in check. Pili Nuts are revered in Maritime SE Asia but still largely unknown elsewhere. Pure Traditions is pleased to share this delicious and healthy little secret with you!

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