Pinewood Derby Pro Driller Tool - Straight Axle Holes - 2.5 Degree Axle Holes - Raised Wheel Hole

Pinewood Derby Pro Driller Tool - Straight Axle Holes - 2.5 Degree Axle Holes - Raised Wheel Hole

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  • Drill Axle holes to create perfectly straight or 2.5 degree angled axle holes so your car is fast.

  • Drill new axle holes or drill into existing pinewood derby axle slots using our exclusive View Port.

  • Drill 2.5 degree angled axle holes to cant your axles to reduce friction - less friction, faster speed!

  • Drill a raised wheel axle hole to reduce friction further. This proven technique WILL make your car faster.

  • Easy slide adjustment fits any car block. Includes instructions and a 2.2mm drill bit for easy axle insertion.

The PRO Driller TM Tool from Pinewood Pro guides your drill bit to make perfectly straight or 2.5 degree angled axle holes in your Pinewood Derby block.

The axle slots in a pinewood derby block are not always square and straight. Drilling the axle slots insures your axles go in perfectly straight, plus they will slide in easily with your finger rather than needing a hammer. In addition, a drilled axle hole prevents the block from cracking.

  • Straight axle holes means your car will roll straight giving your car maximum speed because it minimizes hitting the rails.
  • The 2.5 degree angles holes are used to cant your axles so they migrate away from the car body where there is less friction. Less friction means more speed.
  • Our patented View Port makes it simple to align with the axle slot because you can see through the PRO Driller.
  • The PRO Driller has an easy slide feature that adjusts perfectly to any Pinewood Derby or AWANA wood block.
  • The raised wheel guide hole allows you to raise one wheel, a proven way to increase your car speed.
  • The PRO Axle Hole Driller Tool is a versatile mini-drilling jig.
  • Made of Aluminum and comes in a cool blue color!
  • Includes a 2.20mm (.087 ) drill bit so your axles slide in easily.
Instructions included. Illustrated usage can also be found at

USAGE NOTE: When drilling with small diameter drill bits, be careful to insert (and back out) the drill bit perfectly straight. The drill bit is made of durable steel, but the diameter is only 2.2mm! Your drill is powerful and big, and the 2.2mm drill bit is small, so you can put a lot of angular force on the drill bit. Don't angle your drill or you will snap the drill bit.

The PRO Driller Tool is patented by Pinewood Pro, US patent #9,095,912

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