Pokeno & Pokeno Too (24 Different Boards) By Bicycle

Pokeno & Pokeno Too (24 Different Boards) By Bicycle

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Arrives in 3-7 Business Days

  • Stars on a royal blue sky silk with elastic neck band and ties for easy on/off

  • Great for an aspiring wizard

  • Fits 3 to 8 years old

  • Made of 100% silk with a satin ribbon and hand-hemmed edges.

  • Now made with a heavy weight silk for extra durability

The thrill of Poker and the suspense of Keno. Players attempt to cover five spaces in a row on their board as cards are called out. Easy and clean fun in this classic bingo-style game for all ages. Orignal Pokeno consists of: 12 game boards each measuring 9 1/2' x 7' containing pictures of 25 cards with easy to see with large numbers. Each card picture is 1 3/4' high x 1 1/4'wide.200 POKENO chips.POKENO TOO consists of 12 additional game boards and 200 POKENO chips and rules. These boards have different card combinations than The Original Pokeno boards. The POKENO TOO combined with the Original POKENO makes it possible for up to 24 people to play.The caller calls out playing cards as he draws them one at a time.. If a player has that card on their board they cover it with a chip. Just like Bingo.The first player to get five in a row wins the round. Rules include five different ways to play. Rules included forStandard Pokeno5-Card PokenoPokeno Black Jack4-Corner PokenoPokeno Roulette

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