Sondergut Roll-Up Suede Backgammon Game (Color-Mocha)

Sondergut Roll-Up Suede Backgammon Game (Color-Mocha)

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  • Designed in Germany by our backpacker friends at Sondergut. Hand sewn pliable leather backgammon board in mocha with all parts.

  • Board size is 10 x 12-2/3 but rolls up to the size of pocket umbrella. Weighs less than 1/2 a pound. Great for travel.

  • Everything about the game was designed with two things in mind: To weigh next to nothing and be the highest quality travel game on the market.

  • Comes in a beautiful retail box with backgammon game instructions.

  • All playing pieces neatly fit in the zippered pocket for easy and reliable storage and transport.

Two versions available: Choose Chess/Checkers or Backgammon

Compact and portable - about the size of a small pocket umbrella when rolled up

Rich, deluxe feel

Made of soft anthracite suede

Board rolls up and snaps shut

Includes game pieces

Built-in zippered pouch holds all the pieces when not in use

Lightweight - only 7.4 oz.

Unrolled dimensions: 10 L x 12.7

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