Spin Master Games, Logo 2Nd Edition Board Game

Spin Master Games, Logo 2Nd Edition Board Game

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  • LOGO 2nd EDITION combines popular brand logos with 1200 trivia questions

  • Answer questions to move forward on the board. Reach the Winning Space first to win!

  • Now with brands for the whole family, from food to cars, apps to stores

  • LOGO 2nd EDITION is for two to four players solo or in teams, ages 12 and up.

The best-selling game about popular brands is back, with all new questions and new logos! LOGO 2nd EDITION challenges kids and adults alike on what they know about the brands they see every day. From famous cars to candy bars, LOGO is packed 1200 trivia questions about popular products, commercials, slogans and more. When you answer a question correctly, you get to move on the board and get another question. First player to reach the end of the board wins! LOGO 2nd Edition is everyones brand of fun!

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