Thinkfun Rush Hour

Thinkfun Rush Hour

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  • Four levels of play, beginner to expert

  • Forty mind challenge cards with solutions

  • Sixteen cars and trucks, one red escape car

  • One traffic grid game board and game-go storage bag

  • For ages 8 years and above

Rush Hour - Traffic Jam Logic Game

Set up the traffic challenge and battle the gridlock as you slide the blocking vehicles out of your way to find a path for your red car to exit. This game features four levels of difficulty, allowing players to progress at their own pace. With 40 all-new challenges, it's even more bumper-to-bumper fun for all ages. Your Goal: Get your Red Car through the exit.
Choose a challenge and set up the vehicles as shown on the card.
Slide the vehicles back and forth to create a path for the Red Car to exit.
When the Red Car exits the traffic grid you win!
Convenient storage drawer for challenge cards.

Includes: 40 Challenges & Solutions (Beginner to Expert), Instructions, 1 Red Car, 4 Blocking Trucks, 11 Blocking Cars, 1 Traffic Grid , and Game-Go Bag.
Why to Buy:
  • ThinkFun's top-selling logic game.
  • Sharpens sequential reasoning and planning skills.
  • An addictively fun challenge that exercises your brain.

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