Wise And Otherwise

Wise And Otherwise

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  • For ages 12+

  • for 2-6 players

In Wise and Otherwise there are 2,500 wise, funny and unusual old sayings from around the world, and more than a few possible endings! During play the first part of an actual but little known old saying is read aloud. Then, with a little wit and imagination each player writes an ending to go with the beginning. The made-up sayings are read aloud along with the actual old sayings, and everyone tries to guess the real one. You'll get points when other players think your ending is the real one, and points for guessing the real old saying.

Contents of Wise and Otherwise:

  • Gameboard

  • 2,500 sayings on 500 cards

  • Writing pads

  • 6 pencils

  • 1 six-sided die

  • 6 player pawns

  • Instructions

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