Zahar Toys Colt 1911 Toy Gun With 10 Colorful Soft Bullets, Ejecting Magazine And Pull Back Action

Zahar Toys Colt 1911 Toy Gun With 10 Colorful Soft Bullets, Ejecting Magazine And Pull Back Action

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  • DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN: Our toy Mauser pistol is specially designed for children with their safety in mind. It includes 10 soft bullets and a case that holds 5 of them. The soft bullets are shot in a short, 2 meter range with harmless impact. Appropriate for kids older than 6 year

  • FUN OUTDOORS ACTIVITY: Like adult paintball, shooting guns can be a fun, challenging and active experience for younger children. It involves physical exercise, aiming skills, observation and stamina. It's also very entertaining, especially for group play!

  • GUN SAFETY: If you are a gun owner, use the opportunity to teach about appropriate gun usage and shooter safety to your kid with a safe toy of real dimensions. There's no greater responsibility than gun safety, and toys present educational opportunities.

  • REALISTIC PISTOL REPLICA: The toy gun set has a realistic 1:1 Colt m1911 pistol replica that gives you an authentic feeling. The size of the toy gun is the same as a real one, so it can fit in any pistol holder.

  • EXTRA ANIMAL RINGS: Each toy gun set comes with animal ring. Tiger or Giraffe, the ring is cute and fun and every kid will love them.

A Unique Mauser Toy Pistol For Fun Outdoor Play

An exclusive toy that can contribute to long hours of outdoor fun, our plastic revolver and its 10 soft bullets will be loved by children than enjoy make-believe and active game play. Purchase a number of toy guns for an exciting police vs. criminals game.

Our toy's dimensions are 11'' x 6.8'' x 1.7'' in inches and it weighs 7.2 ounces. Its dimensions correspond 1:1 with the real equivalent pistol. It comes in two color combinations of blue, yellow and orange. A random combination is shipped to you.

Completely Safe Play

Our toy gun holds 5 soft bullets that are shot in the short range of only 2 - 4 meters. The impact is completely soft and harmless, so you can relax when your child is playing. This toy is intended for children older than 4 so they can be strong enough for the trigger and mature enough to play with it. Keep it away from toddlers.

Teaching Opportunity

Toys that corresponding to real world tools can be a great way to teach about real life. Safety with gun usage is absolutely important, especially if you have one in the house. Teach your kid to be responsible and know the difference between toy and reality.

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Limited Stock

Our children's Mauser toy pistol is an exclusive, hard-to-find product. Since it's in limited stock you may not find it always available. Grab it while you can and enjoy a fun outdoor play with your kids very soon!

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